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Ever wanted to experience the thrill of being involved in multiple racehorses with a Group 1-winning trainer without the substantial financial commitment of purchasing horses and paying training fees? Now you can by becoming a member of the Joseph O’Brien Racing Club.


Joseph has set up his Racing Club in partnership with racing journalist Kevin Blake with the aim of making the experience of being involved with well-bred horses in a Group 1 yard accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

For a one-off annual membership fee of just €500 (less than €10 a week), you will receive the following benefits:

  • Experience the emotional roller coaster of being involved with a minimum of three horses that will race in the Joseph O’Brien Racing Club colours.
  • Members are kept in the loop via a regular stream of multimedia updates and reports from Joseph and his team that will be distributed via an easy-to-use smartphone App (see it in action here) as well as via website and email updates. You can see an example of the depth and variety of these communications here.
  • When a Club horse goes to the races, members will receive full pre and post-race reports from Joseph, Kevin and the rider on the day.
  • Members that wish to attend the races and enter the parade ring when there is a Club runner will be given the owner’s badges allocated to the Club by the racecourse. If demand exceeds the number made available by the racecourse, there will be a draw to decide who gets the badges. Those that don’t get them will receive discounted entry and will still have access to the parade ring.
  • Visits to Joseph O’Brien’s yard to meet the team and the horses will be organised for Club members.
  • Additional trips for members will be organised to prominent studs and other racing yards.
  • All new members will receive a welcome pack including a Joseph O’Brien Racing Club branded baseball cap, scarf, pin and pen.
  • Private facilities will occasionally be made available to members at the races on days that the Club has runners.
  • Members will be given the opportunity to name some unnamed Club horses when they are ready to race.

The Joseph O'Brien Racing Club aims to deliver a world-class member experience and plentiful runners at the highest possible level. There is a mix of raced and unraced horses for both Flat and National Hunt racing in the Club that provides a balance of proven horses and those that "could be anything." 

The current team of horses that will represent the Club are:

Seldom Is Precious

An unraced daughter of Presenting from the immediate family of Rhinestone Cowboy, she hit the headlines earlier this year when O’Brien asked his Twitter followers to suggest a name for her. Following over 3,000 suggested names and almost 10,000 votes in the subsequent poll, she was given the name Seldom Is Precious. She is set to make her debut in a bumper in the summer months.


An unexposed three-year-old that is a well-bred son of Galileo, he has shaped with promise in maidens and works well enough to suggest he will be capable of winning in the near future.

Focus Of Attention

A well-bred sprint handicapper that was sourced by Kevin Blake in February, she is well handicapped and looks a sure-fire winner in the making.

Become a member of the Joseph O’Brien Racing Club now by clicking the button below:

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If you want to learn more about the Joseph O’Brien Racing Club, this Frequently Asked Questions section will be of assistance: View FAQ's.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a syndicate and a Racing Club?

A: There are significant differences between syndicates and Racing Clubs. If you wish to join a syndicate, you must purchase equity in a horse. As well as the initial investment in the horse, you are also responsible for paying your share of the full range of costs relating to the horse’s upkeep as well as any unforeseen costs such as extraordinary veterinary bills. You are also committed to paying for the upkeep of that horse until it is sold or retired, regardless of whether it is racing or not. The primary upside of being involved in a syndicate is that the members are entitled to their share of prize money earned and proceeds from a sale of their horse. However, the reality of racehorse ownership is that only a small minority of horses ever earn prize money in excess of their purchase/training costs or end up being sold for a sum greater than their purchase/training costs.

In contrast, membership of the Joseph O’Brien Racing Club does not involve purchasing horses, paying training fees or even committing to any horses. Thus, members get to experience what it is like to be involved in a string of horses in a Group 1-winning yard for a much smaller financial outlay that doesn’t have the aforementioned risks and unknowns of buying into a syndicate. All of these costs and risks are borne by the Club owners rather than the members.

To give a non-racing example, the Joseph O’Brien Racing Club is structured much like a typical golf club. Golfers pay a membership fee that entitles them to use the course facilities and enjoy the experience of being a member, but their membership fee does not buy them a share in the club or an entitlement to a cut of any profits it makes. However, if the club is loss making or incurs significant unforeseen costs due to storm damage or the like, it is the club that bears the losses rather than its members.

While some will prefer the syndicate model whereby they pay much more to share both the risk and the potential upside with the other syndicate members, the Joseph O’Brien Racing Club seeks to serve those that wish to spend much less and still enjoy a great experience of being involved with a string of horses with a Group 1-winning trainer.

Q: Who gets any prize money that the Club horses win?

Any prize money that the Club horses win in excess of costs will be retained within the Club to fund the purchase of new horses for the Club. Structuring the Club in this way allows for new horses to be added and those that pick up setbacks in training or have lost their form to be removed from the Club at no additional cost or loss to the members.

This contrasts with other Racing Clubs which may promise to share prize money with their members, but in practice the members rarely benefit from a meaningful if any dividend due to costs exceeding prize money earned and/or large member numbers diluting the dividend.  

We feel that utilising prize money to increase the number of horses in the Club as we do is the best way to share any success of the Club horses with the members.

Q. What happens if a Club horse is sold or is no longer able to race?

A. Club horses could potentially be sold by their owners at any time, but in practice this is unlikely to be applicable in the vast majority of cases. If a horse is injured and is no longer able to race for any reason, they will be replaced with another horse as soon as possible. The Club will aim to have no fewer than three horses at a time and this number is likely to fluctuate. 

Q: Will I ever be asked for an additional payment after signing up for membership?

A: No. You will never be asked for any payment beyond your initial membership.

Q: Can I join the Club if I don’t have a smartphone?

A: Of course! For those without a smartphone, the exact same information and updates sent out through the app are made available on the Racing Club website and sent out via email at the same time it is sent out through the app. 

Q. Do I have to join at the start of the season?

A. You can join at any time. Once payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email and be granted full access to everything the Club has to offer for 12 months from the signup date.

Q. I am buying Membership as a Christmas/birthday gift. Is it possible to choose a start date for the membership?

A. Yes! Please advise us of the date on which you would like the membership to start when making payment. We will activate the membership from that date rather than the date of payment.

Q. Do I have to be based in Ireland to join the Club?

A. Definitely not! Our App, website and email updates allow you to enjoy the ownership experience wherever you are in the world. 

Q. Will I get tickets every time I wish to go racing?

A. As is the case with every Racing Club in Ireland, Irish racecourses are only obliged to give us eight tickets for race days on which a Club horse is running. However, certain racecourses are very generous and sometimes provide us with additional free tickets. They may also provide a reduced ticket price for Club members. The Club will try to secure as many tickets as it can.

Q. How are tickets allocated?

A. Members will be notified immediately when a Club horse becomes an intended runner and they will be invited to apply for tickets. If the horse is then declared to run, ticket applicants will be contacted. If demand for tickets is greater than our allocation, first preference will be given to members who have not attended race meetings with the Club. Any remaining tickets are allocated by a random draw. Those that miss out on a free ticket will have arrangements made for them to avail of a discounted ticket.

Q. What happens on raceday when you have a Club member ticket?

A. When your ticket has been allocated, you will be contacted with information on how to collect it on the day. This information will differ depending on the racecourse. You will usually receive a Parade Ring pass. Members are more than welcome to meet in the parade ring twenty minutes before their race to meet with Joseph and the jockey and listen to their pre-race discussions. If a Club horse places or wins, members can enter the parade ring after the race also. Please note that members can only enter the parade ring for races in which a Club horse is running.

Q. Can I go racing if the Club hasn’t allocated me a ticket or if the racecourse has not offered a reduced rate?

A. Of course you can. You can purchase a general admission ticket and then meet up with Club members and enjoy your day. We cannot guarantee parade ring access for the race in which the Club has a runner, but we will certainly do our best.

Q. Can I call to Joseph O’Brien’s yard at any time?

A. Joseph’s yard is very busy every day, so to ensure the best possible experience for the members, the Club will organise yard visits for the members throughout the year on days that will allow Joseph and the team to give them the most attention.

Q. Can couples, friends or families share a Club membership?

A. Unfortunately not. If a friend or family member wishes to enjoy Club membership, they have to purchase their own individual Club membership. Each membership and all of its benefits are limited to an individual.

Q. Can children join the Club?

A. Members must be aged 18 years and above.

Q. What happens if I want to leave the Club?

A. Members can choose to leave the Club at any time, but will not receive a refund.

Q: Can a member be removed by the Club Trustees?

A: In exceptional circumstances where a member has acted in a manner prejudicial to the best interests of the Club, they will have their membership revoked without refund.

Q: What happens if the Club closes down?

A: If the Club closes down for any reason, existing members will be partially refunded their membership fee in proportion to how many months are remaining in their membership period at the time of the Club closure.